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Introducing our New Service: Jme

Experience unlimited access to a wide array of popular dramas, movies, variety shows, news, and more from NHK and other broadcasters—all for a fixed price.
Enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere in the US and Canada via the internet.
Jme is a trusted and officially licensed service, ensuring a safe and secure viewing experience approved by Japanese rights holders.

TV Service



The same programs broadcast on TV JAPAN can also be viewed on NHK WORLD PREMIUM.  NHK WORLD PREMIUM provided the core programming content for TV JAPAN.
NHK live breaking news will air when a major incident occurs in Japan.
Some programs, such as select news and sumo tournaments, are also available in English audio.



In addition to news and documentaries, NHK WORLD-JAPAN provides 24-hour English language coverage of Japanese culture and entertainment, local tourism information, and programs related to Japanese language learning.


Jme Select

NHK WORLD PREMIUM and commercial broadcast programs recommended by Jme are distributed according to daily time zones so viewers in North America can easily view them in a scheduled format similar to TV Japan.

On Demand

View NHK programs, various commercial broadcasters’ programs, movies, and more whenever and wherever you’d like. Even if you miss the popular NHK Taiga drama on the TV channel, you can view it on-demand.
New drama series starting from April in Japan will also be added.


For more information visit Jme website

Broadway Square

NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. Presents - Broadway Square - Where Music and Entertainment Come Together

Broadway Square is the website operated by NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. It is full of useful information about Broadway musical shows. The executive producer of NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. introduces the musical shows and plays it in detail. (available only in Japanese) Go to Broadway Square Website.

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