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4K & 8K Productions

We offer planning and video production services for TV programs, exhibitions and other events making full use of the latest technology including 4K and 8K ultra-high-definition video.

4K・8K Production

Our staff have recorded concerts with 8K multi-cameras for artists such as Japanese pop star Gen Hoshino and many jazz legends including guitarist Pat Metheny, bassist Ron Carter, and saxophonist Sadao Watanabe. The audio for these concerts was recorded in 22.2 channel surround sound. In addition, in 2018, a special live performance in Brazil, celebrating the 60th anniversary of bossa nova, was recorded with 4K multi-camera and 5.1ch surround sound. Click here for information on NHK's 4K and 8K broadcasts.


We also produce promotional videos for companies and government agencies utilizing our extensive know-how cultivated through TV program production. We welcome you to consult with us about recording events, producing promotional videos, commercials, etc. according to your budget. Please feel free to contact us.


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