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Corporate Information


We serve as the bridge for the information culture between the U.S. and Japan

Message from our President

Our company is engaged in two main enterprises, streaming services and content production. We stream Japanese TV programs and movies in North America and produce television programs for NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster.

“Jme,” as a streaming platform, is replacing our “TV Japan” broadcasting service which began in 1991. Jme is the only 24-hour Japanese language streaming service in North America with copyright authorized content.  We deliver NHK's latest news, information programs, educational programs, children's programs, and other content daily on a live and pass-through basis in the United States and Canada. You can also enjoy carefully selected Japanese programs such as the latest dramas, variety shows, and movies from not only NHK but also Japanese commercial broadcasters, replaying popular titles you may have missed using our VOD (video on demand) services. We are proud Jme is able to “reach beyond the walls” of Japanese channels and offer the best content from across Japan.

As a content producer, we televise over 200 live MLB baseball games each year featuring star Japanese players such as Shohei Ohtani from stadiums all over the US to viewers in Japan.
We also produce the English news program "NHK Newsline", documentaries, entertainment, and other programs that are broadcast on NHK and which have received critical acclaim both in Japan and overseas.

Through our two businesses of streaming services and content production, we do our best to provide the social infrastructure that supports Japanese living in North America and serve as a bridge for the cultures of Japan and the United States. 

April 2024


Hiroyasu Minagi
President & CEO

Corporate Overview
Company Name
NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. *



100 Broadway, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10005 U.S.A.

Capital Fund



Major Shareholders

NHK Enterprises, Inc., ITOCHU Cable Systems Corp., NHK Global Media Services, Inc.,
NHK Technologies, Inc., NHK Educational Corporation, 22 other organizations

Executive Officers

Hiroyasu Minagi, President & CEO

Tsukasa Ichikawa, Executive Vice President & Treasurer

Daisuke Koyama, Executive Vice President

Shimpei Fujino, Executive Vice President 

Kaori Takahashi, Secretary

* (A Delaware Corporation)


Corporate History

History of Japan Network Group (JNG)

History of NHK Enterprises America, Inc. (NEPA)

Dec. 1990 

Japan Network Group (JNG) is established as a Delaware corporation.
Apr. 1991

Broadcast operations of TV JAPAN begin (11 hrs / day).
Sep. 1993

Analogue TV JAPAN broadcast begins at cable stations in Hawaii.
Jun. 1994  

Digital satellite broadcast services for households begin.
Jan. 1995

Emergency live news telecasts during the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake in Japan.
Apr. 1995  

TV JAPAN begins 24-hour broadcast services.
Mar. 1998  

U.S. nationwide broadcast of TV JAPAN begins via Echostar's Dish Network.
Jan. 1999  

TV JAPAN broadcast begins in major Canadian cities via cable television services.

Sep. 2001  

9.11 terror attacks occur in NYC and Washington DC. JNG offices located just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center in NYC continues to broadcast NHK news to viewers.
Jun. 2004  

Los Angeles customer call center begins operation.
Nov. 2005  

TV JAPAN broadcasts the Japanese Sumo wrestling tournament in Las Vegas as part of JNG's 15th anniversary special program.
Jan. 2007  

TV JAPAN's viewing household exceeds 70,000.
Feb. 2009  

TV JAPAN begins streaming "TV JAPAN CLUB" program on its website.

Aug. 1988  

NHK Enterprises USA, Inc. (NEP USA) is established as a New York State corporation for high definition television production.
Oct. 1988

Los Angeles branch opens.
Feb. 1991  

MICO America, Inc. (MICO-A) is established as a New York State corporation.
Jul. 1991

NEP USA is acquired by MICO America, Inc.

Mar. 1994

NEP USA and MICO America, Inc. change its corporate name to NHK Enterprises America, Inc.
Aug. 1994  

Using its first HD mobile unit K1, broadcasts the Woodstock '94 live in high definition for the first time.
1994 ~ 2000  

Numerous HD productions and co-productions with major U.S. networks such as WNET, WETA, WCET, KCTS, and A&E Networks among others.
Sep. 2000  

K1, the HD mobile unit broadcasts the 2000 U.N. Millennium Summit live to Japan.
Apr. 2003  

NEPA's 53ft expando model HD digital mobile unit debuts at NAB 2003 in Las Vegas. Starts broadcasting Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners MLB games live from Safeco Field in Seattle, WA.
Apr. 2006

NEPA assists NHK Japan with its debut of NHK's 8K Super Hi-Vision exhibition and screenings at the NAB 2006 in Las Vegas.
Aug. 2006

NEPA is commissioned its first 3D HD independent live-action feature film, "SCAR" to be shot in Calgary, Canada.
Apr. 2008  

Midsized HD digital mobile unit K3 Ruby debuts at NAB 2008 in Las Vegas. Begins broadcasting the New York Yankees home games with Hideki Matsui as the star rookie.

Japan Network Group and NHK Enterprises America, Inc. merge to become 

NHKコスモメディア アメリカの歩み

History of NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc.

Apr.     Japan Network Group and NHK Enterprises America, Inc. merge to become the multimedia corporation, NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc.  (NCMA)
Mar.     NCMA unscrambles and broadcasts NHK's up-to-the-minute disaster news reports and special programs of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster with TV JAPAN to viewers.


Nov.     Office renovation in downtown Manhattan completes.

Nov.     TV JAPAN becomes the first foreign language premium channel on Time Warner Cable in New York and New Jersey to start high definition (HD) broadcasting.

Mar.     TV JAPAN broadcasts a special memorial live program on the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster from its studio in New York City.
Jun.     TV JAPAN begins HD service on the DISH Network.
Dec.    TV JAPAN begins HD service on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles and in San Diego.
May     TV JAPAN begins HD service on Canada's Bell Fibe TV.  TV JAPAN begins HD service begins on Bright House Cable.
Jun.     NCMA deploys its K3 Ruby HD digital mobile unit to Brazil to cover the Japanese men's national team's matches during the FIFA Confederations Cup Soccer live to Japan.
Apr.     TV JAPAN begins HD service on Charter Communications.
Jun.     NCMA deploys its K3 Ruby HD digital mobile unit to Brazil to cover the Japanese men's national team's matches during the FIFA World Cup Soccer live to Japan.
Jun.     NCMA deploys its K3 Ruby HD digital mobile unit to Canada to cover the Japanese women's national team's matches during the FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer live to Japan.
Jun.     NCMA provides 8K public viewing exhibits in New York and in Los Angeles of the Women's World Cup Soccer in Canada
Aug.    NCMA produces its first multi-camera 4K performing arts program of a Japanese Kabuki opera performance with Japan's Kabuki star Somegoro Ichikawa the seventh's Koi-Tsukami at the fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.   
Sep.     NCMA shoots its first 6K footage of the total lunar eclipse in New York City for NHK's flagship science program, Cosmic Front NEXT.
Feb.     NCMA provides production and technical support for NHK's first 8K live multi-camera coverage of the NFL SuperBowl in Santa Clara, CA.


Feb.     NCMA provides production and technical support for NHK's 8K/22.2ch multi-camera production of Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.
Mar.     NCMA shoots its first 8K aerial footage of New York City.


Mar.     TV JAPAN begins video-on-demand (VOD) service on Comcast.
Aug.     NCMA provides production and technical support for NHK's live coverage of the Rio Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil.
Dec.     TV JAPAN begins video-on-demand (VOD) service on DISH Network.

Mar.     TV JAPAN begins HD service on Canada's Telus Optik TV.

May     TV JAPAN begins HD and Video On Demand (VOD) sevice on Cox Cable.

Jan.     NCMA begins dLibrary Japan Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service.
Apr.     TV JAPAN begins HD service on DIRECTV satellite.
Jun.     TV JAPAN expands service through Comcast X1 nationwide.



Feb.     TV Japan begins HD service on Rogers Cable.


May     NCMA produces the Japanese broadcast of a 100km Ultra Marathon for the Internet.

Jun.     TV Japan's dLibrary Japan begins streaming on Apple TV.

Jun.     NCMA produces the world's first 4K live telecast from Machu Picchu, Peru.


Jan.     TV Japan's dLibrary Japan begins streaming on Roku.

Apr.     NCMA provides technical support for the construction of the new studio for NHK World Japan in New York City.

Jul.      NCMA begins temporary remote production of MLB live broadcast.


Apr.     NCMA builds its in-house Remote Integration Model (REMI) studio for live broadcast operations.

May     NCMA begins live news broadcasts from NHK World Japan's New York studio providing technical support and news anchors.

Apr.     Convert Remote Integration Model (REMI) studio to IP system


Mar.     Termination of TV JAPAN

Mar.     LA office has closed

   Jme video streaming service starts

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