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Content Production

NHK Cosmomedia America produces television and radio programs including HD, 4K & 8K for NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation and commercial clients. Learn more..


      Production Services


NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. is an end-to-end television production company with an outstanding technical team and a bilingual (Japanese/English) production team with seasoned camera crews and cutting-edge equipment for all your HD, 4K and 8K video projects throughout the North, Central, and South America. Producing award-winning documentaries, sports coverage, music, variety programs, commercials and many more, we also specialize in live broadcasts and post-production work for broadcast. We offer localization services including transcription, translation, interpreting, subtitling, voiceover, narration, and dubbing in Japanese as well as in English. 


      4K & 8K Productions



NHK started its initial R&D on the 8K technology called "Super Hi-Vision" back in 1995 and since then has evolved to launching its first dedicated 8K and 4K channels in Japan on December 1st, 2018. With more than 12 hours of daily 8K programming and 18 hours of daily 4K programming, along with 22.2ch multi-channel surround sound audio, the audience will be immersed in an audio-visual experience that makes you feel as if you are actually there - at the heart of the action. Learn more about our 8K and 4K productions.


      K4 Sapphire Mobile Unit Operations


Our custom-designed and built high-definition mobile unit K4 Sapphire is used for live telecasts of major sports coverage as well as entertainment and multi-camera event recordings. The K4 Sapphire debuted in the fall of 2015 with state-of-the-art HD equipment and 5.1ch or 22.2ch surround sound audio recording capabilities. The K4 Sapphire is a 40ft mobile vehicle, well suited for small and/or mid-sized projects. K4 Sapphire is available for rental anywhere in the U.S. throughout the year along with our Engineer in Chief and utility crew.


Streaming Service

Jme is All-Inclusive Video Streaming Service

in the United States and Canada

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