High-Definition Mobile Units

Our custom designed and built high-definition mobile units, K3 Ruby and the K4 Sapphire, are used for live telecasts of major sports coverage as well as entertainment and multi-camera event recordings. Our latest HD truck, K4 Sapphire debuted in the fall of 2015 with state-of-the-art HD equipment and 22.2ch surround sound audio recording capabilities. Both the K3 Ruby and K4 Sapphire are 40ft mobile vehicles, well suited for small and/or mid-sized projects. Both units are available for rental anywhere in the U.S. throughout the year along with our Engineer in Chief and utility crew. For rental inquiries, please send e-mail to technicalservices@nhkcma.com.

K4 Sapphire

K4 Sapphire

K3 Ruby

K4 Sapphire HD Digital Mobile Unit 40ft Expando
K3 Ruby HD Digital Mobile Unit 40ft Expando

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