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What is dLibrary Japan 

dLibrary Japan is a subscription Video-on-Demand service offered by NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc. dLibrary Japan provides quality Japanese programs streamed over the internet to certain internet-connected computers, smart phone/tablet, Roku, Apple TV and internet-connected TV’s in the United States and Canada.

dLibrary Japan is a streaming service for Japanese programs with proper content rights for the US & Canada.

Anywhere, Anytime in USA & CANADA 

Visit dLibrary Japan website, then create an account to start dLibrary Japan streaming service. Once the account will be activated, watch quality Japanese programs in HD on PC.  Download the dLibrary Japan app from the App Store and Google Play to watch on smart phones and tablets.  



Smart Phone & Tablet

Media Player

App Store & Google Play

 Apple TV & Roku


Enjoy quality Japanese programs in HD

Watch Japanese dramas, variety shows, kid's shows, documentaries, and movies. Visit dLibrary Japan website for more information about the latest programs. New programs will be released every week. 

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